Tend to your patch of garden

by Arlene.

I recognised that if my garden was ever to be a place that I wished to stroll around showing others the magnificent roses, then I first had to be happy with how it looked! Being a believer in the value of goal setting I decided this weekend to commit to 1-1.5 hours a day clearing up the leaves and weeds and becoming proud of my little piece of magic. Truth be known ‘little’ is probably not quite accurate as the area is around 300 square metres of overgrown garden, including my Turpentine Tree – the major cause of all the leaf droppings.

So I set too and laboured. I have found plants I did not appreciate were there, dreaded onion weed that will be being dealt with for many years to come. I have scratched arms and had to contend with March Flies (why they are called that when they are so abundant in November I have no idea!)

I created what I call wild turkey mounds of leaves in three parts of the garden; overflowed the garden green waste bin within one day and my long suffering husband created a leaf catcher with chicken wire and wooden stakes saying: “I have left it open on one side for the wheelbarrow to get in!” A day later I had it full and overflowing with more being dumped on the other side – wheelbarrow was never even used.

I have gone through two pairs of gloves, one pair of secateurs, two fold up garden litter bins and Bunnings is thinking of offering me additional discount!

Having to wait to contact the garden bin man to make an extra pickup has resulted in recognising we have a garden waste transit department at my local council (open on weekends too!)

So out came the 6×4 trailer from the undergrowth and that rapidly became full of clippings. Clive, my husband considered I could fit more in as I mulched the twigs, branches and bits of trees. On a roll I insisted he dig out the electrical hedge clippers when he was looking for the mulcher.

Enough enough – it is time for me to walk amongst the roses and smell the buds – Oh dear that one has died and needs to be dug out – pass the spade please!!

Lessons learned:

  1. make an effort and you will be rewarded
  2. a little activity every day gets the goal achieved
  3. work out a plan so there is no waiting for certain parts of the project to be completed first before the next stage can take place
  4. commit to the achievement, having fun with it as you go – very therapeutic to rip out weeds and gather up leaves
  5. stand back and enjoy the praise from others

– Green and Brown thumbed Arlene