Going with the energy

by Arlene.

I have been recently aware of a change in my posture as an online positive change agent. I haven’t always been aware that I could make a difference with everyone I coached or worked with over the last 30 odd years. It has taken the growth of online internet developments to show me the power of asking for referrals and gaining recommendations. I have been blown away by the quality of the recommendations that have arrived in my Linkedin Mailbox for example.

“Arlene consistently comes up with ideas and solutions which are not even on my radar. She has an amazing empathy with myself and my staff and finds fun and cost effective ways of ‘pulling’ us all in the same direction. I would not hesitate to recommend Arlene to any business who feels ‘lost in the swamp’ or is just looking for some confirmation of the direction in which they are moving.”

When you put out in cyber space for something – be it a recommendation of your work, a chance to offer help, someone to listen to or information about something you think others would gain from – an exchange of energy is sent out with the touch of your computer keys. Do you think that the person who wrote the recommendation has me in mind when she sat down to write it? The energy positively flows out of the page.

As the keys are pressed you are stimulating your brain to write words that may be interpreted sincerely by others, abhorred by some and may be universally considered as spam by many regardless of the quality of the material offered.

Energy is powerful and your inner abundance of energy is what creates an attraction to your words. So when you reply to an email, answer a survey or wish for less challenging comments think about the person who sat there writing in the first place; write your response for them with an open heart and consider it a gift of energy to the person you are responding to rather than a chore of how to get through all the online reading and writing that arrives each day.

I was so surprised that after putting a poll out on Linkedin:

Imagine you have $4,000 extra available every month – spend or save what on? I had 16 responses within 24 hours – why? Because I put it out with an energy that I wanted to know the responses of others.

The message of today’s post is that you get out of life what you put in – so if you can believe that being a change agent our cyber world comes with ease when you put energy behind it, you can gain a quite different perspective on having millions of emails to reply to!