5 Top tips to keep your audience awake!

by Arlene.

Tip 1 Find out something about at least 3 people in the audience that is related to your topic. Bring these points out when the group seems to be flagging. Encourage them to expand on the point, be prepared to step in if they are embarrassed, you want the audience to remain on your side. Tip 2 Move around, don’t stand behind something unless you are making a point that requires you to stand left centre stage and command the group. Movement, except when it is jerky or irritating, makes the audience focus and refocus on you rather like how […]

A to Z of presenting in public

by Arlene.

A Audience. Try and find out as much about your expected audience as you can. If you are using examples make them relevant to the group, avoid jargon, keep the talk at a level that will be effective for the majority of the audience. B Breathing is a vital part of the presentation skills – practice sighing, ughing, eeing, aaing and diaphragmatic breathing. It keeps the squeaks out and the projection in. A voice coach can help to develop this lifelong skill. All the strange new noises may cause others in your family to laugh, which stops you taking yourself […]

Be engaging with your audience

by Arlene.

Regardless of size involve your audience. Your material will be more memorable and you will probably be asked back. Tell a story. People remember stories; they add impact, set the scene, tune the audience in to the tone of your work and are fun to do. Your story will be relevant to the topic, personal to something you or someone you know well has done. One way is to make a point, and link that to what the audience needs, by telling a story. When I speak on enhancing leadership skills I make a point that leaders are expected to […]