Going with the energy

by Arlene.

I have been recently aware of a change in my posture as an online positive change agent. I haven’t always been aware that I could make a difference with everyone I coached or worked with over the last 30 odd years. It has taken the growth of online internet developments to show me the power of asking for referrals and gaining recommendations. I have been blown away by the quality of the recommendations that have arrived in my Linkedin Mailbox for example. “Arlene consistently comes up with ideas and solutions which are not even on my radar. She has an […]

Tend to your patch of garden

by Arlene.

I recognised that if my garden was ever to be a place that I wished to stroll around showing others the magnificent roses, then I first had to be happy with how it looked! Being a believer in the value of goal setting I decided this weekend to commit to 1-1.5 hours a day clearing up the leaves and weeds and becoming proud of my little piece of magic. Truth be known ‘little’ is probably not quite accurate as the area is around 300 square metres of overgrown garden, including my Turpentine Tree – the major cause of all the […]