Onboarding Coaching

In many industries the new executive or manager fears that their direct reports will learn how inadequate they feel in their new job. Some organisations are recognising that it can save weeks of unproductive time if they structure coaching alongside the organisational induction and orientation process. The organisational culture can make or break a new employee especially at executive or manager level where the decisions they are taking may not be well received.

By using an on-boarding coach who has inside awareness of their industry this can offer clarity to the new employee. Arlene Quinn has over 8 years experience of working with managers and executives in many industries both for and not for profit.

Example – Aged Care Industry

X organisation has employed an experienced team leader with a long career in the acute health field as an aged care facility manager.

Although she has understanding of the quality frameworks in her past industry of health she is having to learn quickly about a new organisational culture, juggle a tight budget, impress relatives and the local community as well as internally manage a team of existing staff all with expectations of what might change. In addition she may have to prepare for sudden unannounced visits from the regulatory agency.

Example – Corporate Sector

A new leader moving into a role from day to day organisation to strategic or operational management obtains a position where an internal candidate, who was not appointed, will be on their team.

When the human brain is stressed it results in returning to prior patterns that have worked before; solution focused decision making may assist the new leader to work with the team to keep out of day to day operational issues. Working with a coach enables the new leader to feel less isolated and able to “test” out ideas in a safe space before working through them with their team or director.