“Arlene consistently comes up with ideas and solutions which are not even on my radar. She has an amazing empathy with myself and my staff and finds fun and cost effective ways of ‘pulling’ us all in the same direction. I would not hesitate to recommend Arlene to any business who feels ‘lost in the swamp’ or is just looking for some confirmation of the direction in which they are moving.”

Carol Vasey – Owner Paperchase Bookkeeping

hired Arlene a number of times as a Business Consultant

“Arlene is vibrant, enthusiastic and knowledgeable – a great asset to the team.”

Sue Cornwell – Owner Photomax

worked directly with Arlene at NSE

“I have known Arlene and Clive for about fourteen months. We met through a mutual love of German Shepherd Dogs. My dealings with Arlene and Clive have always been of an extremely high standard. I have no hesitation in recommending products they endorse or the services they offer to others.”

Kim Harris

hired Arlene as a Business Consultant

“Thorough, fun-loving and always willing to encourage people to shine – that’s how I see Arlene.”

Deb Saville

a chequered career in helping others to BE their best! Worked directly with Arlene at People Performance Plus

“I have worked with Arlene on a number of projects over the years and she has a great way of picking up on issues or ideas that I never would have thought of. Arlene is one of those busy people who always listens properly and has great insights into identifying people’s needs and wants. I have great pleasure in recommending Arlene to help bring out the best out of people.”

David Koutsoukis

hired Arlene a number of times as a Business Consultant

“It is my pleasure to have come to know Arlene since I sat in a workshop and listened to her at the BPW International Congress in Melbourne in 2002. I am amazed at her ability to connect and her exuberance in reaching out to touch hearts and change lives. She excels in quality as a leader and is a fine teacher who has the ability get her message across. I wish her all the very best in her numerous endeavours.”

Olivia Werapermall – Managing Partner, Tropica Nurseries

was with another company when working with Arlene at People Performance Plus

“Arlene is creative, inspirational and determined. I personally recommend Arlene for her authenticity, leadership and compassion. She will help guide and inspire at both a personal and professional level.”

Sarina Sorrenti – Director, Engage Consulting Group

worked directly with Arlene at People Performance Plus

“Arlene was a fantastic personal coach. Unrelenting in her creative pursuit of clarity and direction which was exactly what I needed. Arlene is definitely the person when you want results and good honest reflection.”

Michelle Miller

hired Arlene as a Career Coach

“Arlene is an expert coach, facilitator and speaker. She has been inspiring and effective in all the projects I’ve been involved in with her through BPW and NSAA. She has an ability to be able to connect with people from all walks of life and make them feel comfortable to be involved and participate. Arlene is a stand-out leader!”

Alicia Curtis – Professional Speaker/Educator, Alicia Curtis Leadership

was with another company when working with Arlene at People Performance Plus

“Arlene has proven to be of very high value in my business – as a personal business coach; in providing mentoring and coaching sessions for my staff; and in helping me develop a greater awareness of the value of networking. A good network is a life-long asset but needs regular nurturing and ongoing development. Arlene is a networker of great skill and provides a sound role model. I particularly recommend Arlene as a business coach with whom you can develop and implement better strategies to grow your business.”

Lesley Dewar

hired Arlene a number of times as a Career Coach

“Arlene is an excellent business coach who works in partnership with clients with integrity, commitment and skill. As a business coach she helped me to set strategic directions and clarify goals for my business and plan how to consolidate my business activities.”

Isabella Adams

hired Arlene a number of times as a Career Coach

“Arlene Quinn provided my community services staff with training on a variety of issues including better communication, diversity in the workplace and team building. I found her professional approach to understanding my teams needs and the adaptability on the training days paid off. Most staff enjoyed the interactive exercises that energised and encouraged thinking about their client group in different ways and all took skills away to be used in the future.”

Debbie Armstead

Manager Aged Care (Centre Based Services)
Hills Community Support Group (Inc)